SnooRentals FAQS

Here are the answers to some of our frequently asked questions. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, get in touch!

Starting $179/month: includes the SNOO Smart Sleep Bassinet, a mattress, waterproof cover, and sets of swaddles (S,M,L) and Sheet.

Q: How does the rental process work?

A: Renting a SNOO is straightforward. Simply choose your delivery date and complete the checkout process. We offer free shipping for the SNOO to your location. Each rental includes at least one mattress, a sheet, and a set of swaddles in small, medium, and large sizes. New or Additional swaddles are available for rent to ensure you're prepared for any situation.

After your rental period is over, you have the option to keep the SNOO for an extended time or initiate a return by following our return instructions and scheduling a pickup day. Your subscription will be canceled once we receive the SNOO back."

Q: How does billing works?

A: For booking, your card is charged for the first month's rental fee plus tax. After the delivery of your SNOO, your card will be charged the monthly rate for each upcoming month. These charges will continue on a monthly basis until you return your SNOO. Additionally, a one-time reconditioning fee of $100 is charged to cover the costs of cleaning and sanitizing your SNOO."

Q: What is your Cancellation Policy?

A: For cancellations before your SNOO delivery, your first month's rental fees which are paid at booking, and the reconditioning fee are fully refundable if cancelled before 2 weeks of delivery.

Cancellations made within two weeks of your SNOO delivery date will result in a refund of 50% of your booking fees. This policy also applies to bookings made and cancelled within two weeks of delivery.

If you decide to return the SNOO before the end of your chosen plan (either 3 or 5 months), you will be charged 50% of the remaining months' rental plan fees."

Q: Is delivery and pick-up of the SNOO free?

Absolutely! We provide complimentary delivery and pick-up service for the SNOO, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you."

Q: What is the cleaning process for the SNOO between rentals?

A: We ensure the highest standards of cleanliness and safety by thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing each SNOO unit between rentals. Our comprehensive 5-Step cleaning and sanitation process includes:

  1. Vacuuming to remove dust and debris.

  2. Cleaning with baby-safe, non-toxic cleaners.

  3. Sanitizing through steam sanitation.

  4. Drying to ensure the unit is completely moisture-free.

  5. Conducting a final check where we test and tune all motion and sound levels, safety clip sensors, and other functionalities to guarantee every unit is in perfect working condition for our next parent.

Q: What am I responsible for when I rent an item?

A: Once an item is delivered to you, you are responsible for its care until it's returned. It should be returned in the same condition it was received, with reasonable wear and tear accepted. Significant damage will incur charges.

Q: How should I return the SNOO?

A: Please follow our detailed return instructions to pack and return the SNOO. Failure to do so, resulting in damage during transit, will lead to charges for any damages incurred.

Q: What happens if the item is extra dirty?

A: If items are returned with excessive dirtiness, such as vomit, diaper incidents, pet hair, or smoke smell, an additional cleaning fee of up to $100 per SNOO may be charged.

Q: What is the maximum duration for keeping the SNOO rental?

It's recommended that the SNOO be used for infants from birth until they are 6 months old or until they can get up on their hands and knees, which is typically when they are ready to transition to a crib.

You have the flexibility to keep the SNOO for as long as you need, even after your initial rental plan has expired. There's no fixed maximum duration; you can choose to extend your rental period to suit you and your baby's needs."

Let the SNOO takes the Night Shift...Every Night!

SNOO Bassinet is designed to help you get more sleep, improving baby's sleep and reducing parental stress.

How we clean our SNOOs.

Wondering how we ensure every SNOO bassinet is perfectly clean and safe for your little one? Here’s a sneak peek into our thorough 5-step cleaning process: