SNOO Bassinet Rental Return Procedure

Returning your SNOO bassinet is easy! Follow these simple steps to ensure a smooth return process:

Step 1: Cancel and schedule a return

  1. Schedule your SNOO pick up day. Click Schedule Return.

Step 3: Gather Your Items

Before you begin, make sure you have all the items ready for return:

  • SNOO Bassinet

  • SNOO Legs

  • Leg lifters*: If you have leg lifters, ensure the leg lifters are removed from the SNOO's legs before you place them in the leg box. (To remove leg lifters, Squeeze the leg together just above the lifter, essentially making the leg narrower and allowing you to pull the lifter off)

  • Power Supply Adapter

  • Swaddles and Sheets

  • All other included parts and accessories

  • Return label (Included in a reusable label envelope attached to the side of the box or sent to you via email)

Step 4: Prepare the Package

  1. Find the original packaging the SNOO was delivered in. This is the safest way to transport the bassinet to prevent any damage during return shipping.

Step 5: Pack the Bassinet

  1. Gently Insert the SNOO bassinet into the dust bag.

  1. Before you tighten the dustbag, Insert the swaddles and sheet into a bag and place on the bassinet mattress.

  1. Pull the drawstring closed and tie a simple knot..

  1. Place the SNOO in the shipping Box.

  2. Place the 4 SNOO legs in the designated leg box. Follow the color pattern (blue, blue, red, red). If you have a leg lifters, Ensure they are removed from the SNOO's legs before you place the legs in the leg box.

  3. Place the Power Supply Adapter in the leg box along with the legs and tape the leg box tight. (If the power adapter comes with a box, please insert it into the box before placing in the leg box).

  1. Gently place the sealed leg box inside the bassinet in the shipping box.

  1. Ensure that all the parts and accessories are packed accordingly. Use all the packaging materials that were delivered with the SNOO to cushion and protect the SNOO bassinet and its components.

  1. Double-check that you've packed everything according to the return checklist provided.

Step 6: Attach the Return Label

  1. Locate the return label provided ( inside reusable envelope at the side of the box). If you cannot locate this, please contact us

  2. Remove the old label and leave the return label. Make sure it's clearly visible and won't peel off during transit. You can also attach the return label with tape.

Step 7: Seal the Box

  1. Once everything is securely packed, seal the box with a tape. Ensure the box is well-sealed to prevent any damage during transit.

Step 8: Courier Pickup

  1. Wait for courier pickup on your scheduled day.

Step 9: Confirm Return

  1. Once the bassinet is successfully returned, you'll receive confirmation from us.

That's it! You've completed the SNOO Bassinet Rental Return Procedure.

If you have any questions or need assistance at any point in the process, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Thank you for choosing SNOORentals, and we hope you had a great rental experience!

Step 2: Unpair Snoo in the SNOO App

  1. Happiestbaby App > settings > remove device