Frequently Asked Questions

You are responsible for the rental item(s) once they are delivered to you, and they must be returned in the condition they were received. A reasonable level of wear and tear is permitted but you will be charged for any more significant damage.

Please do not allow smoking near any of the equipment as fibers and plastics can absorb the odor.

If items are returned to us extra dirty (including vomit, diaper explosions, pet hair, or smelling of smoke) you will be charged an additional detail cleaning fee of up to $100/SNOO.

In the event that an item cannot be fully cleaned/repaired, you will be charged the fair market value to replace the item. Please contact us for details on how to properly clean The SNOO mesh/crevices if needed.

What happens if I damage, lose or return The SNOO rental items really dirty?
What is SnooRentals?

We thoroughly clean and sanitize each unit between users. Every item goes through a 5-Step cleaning and sanitation process:

  1. Vacuum

  2. Clean(using only baby-safe, non-toxic cleaners)

  3. Sanitize (steam sanitation)

  4. Dry

  5. We finish our work by fully testing and tuning all levels of motion and sound, safety clip sensors, etc.

Do you provide delivery/pick-up?

When you place your order, your credit/debit card is charged for your first month's rental fee + GST (based on your chosen plan). One month after your SNOO is delivered, your card will again be charged the monthly rate for the upcoming month. Each subsequent month, you will be charged until your plan expires and the SNOO is returned.

We charge a one time $100 reconditioning fee when booking.

Our Reconditioning Process

We want every parent to be absolutely confident and delighted with SNOO. That’s why we take such care to prepare each one. We put every SNOO through a meticulous, 5-step process before getting it ready to be sent to a new family.

A high-powered vacuum is used to remove any fine dust or small particles.




Ultra-hot steam and an eco-friendly formula are used to deep clean the inner and outer mesh.



We finish our work by fully testing and tuning all levels of motion and sound, safety clip sensors, etc

How does billing works?

Yes! We deliver The SNOO to your doorstep for free!. Delivery and Pickup is free.

Wash swaddles using only baby-safe, non-toxic cleaners

Clean Mesh and Bed using only baby-safe, non-toxic cleaner

What is your Cancellation Policy?

Cancellation Policy: Before delivery - Your first month’s rental fees + GST are due at the time of booking. This is a non-refundable fee, to secure your rental period.

After delivery - If you desire to return the SNOO before your chosen plan expires, you will continue to incur charges for the remaining months of the chosen plan.

How do you clean the SNOO between rentals?

SnooRentals is the Canada’s first SNOO smart bassinet rental subscription company, offering you access to the full usage and benefit of SNOO bassinet for you and your baby, for as long or as little as you need!

Why rent?

Buying everything you need may be too expensive. As we know that babies grow out of things so quickly (if they ever even liked it in the first place). Buying the Snoo in most of canada's retail store is final sale. 

Renting the SNOO saves money, time and reduces waste on the planet.

How long can I keep the SNOO?

For as long as you want. Happiestbaby recommends the Snoo be used until a baby is 6 months old, until they can get on up on their hands and knees, or until they hit the Snoo's 25-pound weight limit—whatever comes first (most babies still weigh less than 25 pounds at 6 months).

We offer 3 rental subscription plan; monthly, 3-Months and 5-Months. After your chosen plan has expired, you can continue to remain subscribed and keep the SNOO or cancel return the SNOO following the return procedure steps. As soon as we have received the bassinet back we will cancel your subscription. You can request cancellation through the portal or  just drop us an email at

How does rental work?

NB: A reconditioning fee of $100 is charged at checkout

SNOO helps your baby to become an independent sleeper...with little need to "cry-it-out." The result: By 3 months, most babies sleep 9+ hours a night! Plus, the weaning mode makes transitioning to the crib a breeze!