We are more than just a SNOO rental company – we are a family united by the profound joy and sleepless struggles that parenthood brings. Our goal is to help parents in Canada with affordable alternatives to having a SNOO smart sleeper for the short time that baby can benefit from SNOO.

Our story with SNOO begin when my wife and I had our first baby and we were both exhausted from lack of sleep. The exhaustion seeped into every fiber of our beings, leaving us both physically and emotionally drained. We found ourselves longing for those restful nights we once took for granted, desperately searching for a solution that could help us and our little angel sleep better.

We desperately started searching for a way to help our baby sleep longer. We search for all the information we could find online. We tried various product including different process, bassinets, swaddles and white noise but nothing worked. We wished we had better prepared for our baby to get better sleep.

We finally decided to get a SNOO. At the time, we searched for a rental services to try the SNOO out, as we know we may only use it for 3 - 4 months and we were hesistant to buy a new SNOO for $2000+. The used ones we found had us concerned about clealiness and cost because we are not sure how clean the previous owner was or if the bassinet has been properly cleaned and sanitized for another baby. After a lot of delibrations, we finally got a SNOO and of couse it was magical. Our baby slept longer and longer as we continue to use the SNOO. We finally had our hand free, we could hug again and have more restful nights which help us to connect better as partners and to also be a better parent.

After having great success with the SNOO. We decided to start edmontonsnoorentals and later snoorentals, a SNOO rental service for the SNOO Smart Sleeper in Canada to help parents. Our goal is to help new parents with affordable alternatives during which the baby can benefit from SNOO. We keep the SNOO clean by following a thorough cleaning process and regularly refreshing the units. We also provide free delivery. We want to make it easier for every parents to experience the benefits of the SNOO, just like we have.

Our Story